Turning Dreams Into Reality!

It is our vast experience in the industry, coupled with our principles of honesty and integrity that will help continue and strengthen our clients pursuit of home ownership! We will take the time to get to know your personal situation.With a vast array of services, we look forward to making your dream a reality!


Whether you are buying your first home, trading up to a larger home or even downsizing, your home is a major investment that we take seriously. We can arrange mortgages throughout Ontario for residential, commercial, income, or seasonal properties. Financing scenarios can be easily formulated for you to see what your ideal budget and rate can be.


We can assist you to use the equity in your house to consolidate your debts. This will lower your total monthly expenses allowing you to improve your cash flow. This extra money can be used for renovations, vacations, vehicle purchases, and more! If you think it’s time to use the equity in your home to your advantage, we can help!


Unsure if you qualify for a purchase? Let us shop the market for you with a no obligation, free consultation. We will try to pre-approve you at no cost and hold the rate for up to 120 days. * O.A.C * Don’t get caught by a rate increase, get pre-approved today!

Credit Problems

We have a wide range of mortgage programs available to minimize your credit problems and help your credit get back on the road to recovery. Options available for bankruptcies, consumer proposals, late payments and judgements.

Renewal or Switch

We offer no fee switch or renewals from other institutions. Don’t accept your lenders posted rate. We get Canada’s leading lenders to compete for your mortgage. Let us shop for the best rates and product for you! Cashback may be your best option here. The penalty on your existing mortgage may be reimbursed by the cashback and you can get a new lower rate. Savings can be thousands of dollars!

Our agents can run a “What if” situation to see how much you could be saving!
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The banks can be inflexible to those who are self employed. We have private lenders available to help you jump over this hurdle. Confirmation of income can sometimes be hard for self-employed people, let us help you with this, and match you with the best possible lender.

Private Mortgages

Private money is available to help you if your property or income does not qualify at the banks. Let us work to find you the best fit.

Investors Welcome

Today’s investors are faced with tough decisions. Interest rates offered by banks are at their lowest in decades. Security markets are risky at best. Where can a person invest their savings at a reasonable rate of return to ensure self-sufficient retirement?

Mortgage investments allow you to earn an excellent return and maintain a relatively secure portfolio. Mortgages qualify as investments for your self-directed Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

No matter what your financial problem or concern, we work hard to find you a viable solution. Contact Us today to learn more!